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Feb 4, 2011
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  1. What does it mean to encrypt a file?
  2. Benny26

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  3. circusboy01

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    So in a nut shell encrypting turns plain text into code. Thanks CB
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    Correct. But there's also a "gotcha" to be aware of (if you're not already)

    I've seen several posts in the forums where people need help decrypting their files where
    > They cloned one disk to another. But now can't decrypt the new disk
    > The disk got corrupted. And some files can't be decrypted

    Bottom line: There are some special rules that apply if you want to encrypt your files. Read all documentation to know all the rules and follow them. These methods provide "Strong" encryption. Meaning once something goes wrong, if you haven't followed all the rules, it's unlikely anyone or "fix" program will unencrypt the data for you!

    One example, i saw one scheme where the encryption key must be managed (created, backedup, store in its "vault", moved to a different hard drive) using specific utilities. Simply running normal backups doesn't qualify as "backing" your key. So encryption is very cool and handy. But CAVEAT EMPTOR!
  5. circusboy01

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    Thank you very much for the information. But. I probably wont be encrypting anything. I was just curious about what the word meant. Turns out I already knew what it meant. Guess I just forgot. CB

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