By emilyjhinds
Nov 3, 2008
  1. Im not sure if anyone can help, or this is a site to help..not computer savvy at all. I have belkin wireless internet and I know it is not secure. Can anyone help me to encrypt it so noone else can use our wireless internet. My husband and son are no help at all, despite their excessive use of the internet!!!
  2. kimsland

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    You can assign your network card's MAC address to the wireless setup program
    Only allowing those MAC addresses allowable on your Internet service

    You should also use WEP encryption (this is what I believe you want to do) and assign each computer to the same WEP encryption number

    To help guide you to do both or either of these things, you are best to contact your actual Internet Service Provider (ISP) Support area, who will guide you through all steps. This is needed as some ISPs use different protection methods within their program, asking support for the exact steps will therefore help your issue.
  3. jobeard

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    Security is layered like a seven-layer-cake; we stack multiple pieces together to make
    it less likely that someone will be willing and able to climb over all the hurtles.

    First, all of the security can be performed directly on your WiFi Router yourself;
    If you report the make and model number of the router OR if you have the manual
    for the device, the instructions are there for you. The outline of making your WiFi secure is:
    1. change the admin password and disable remote administration
    2. set the SSID to something other than the default
    3. chose a non-standard channel number
    4. use the Allow only MAC list feature
    5. add encryption
    On (4) you will need to get the MAC address for all wifi adaptors from the family systems/xbox devices.
    Typically go to each box and use run->cmd /k ipconfig /all
    and the MAC address will be displayed.
    On (5) we much prefer to use WPA/WPA2 over WEP as it is more secure.
    HOWEVER, there situations were one vendor's WPA will not connect to another :(
    forcing the use of WEP.
    WEP + MAC filtering will be just fine.

    Most WiFi routers have a page that will report all devices that are connected.
    You can watch that for 'foreign users' from time to time or if you suspect that there
    might be a hijacker. You should also be able to force a disconnect on them :)
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