Error 1303, Steam installation

By Whiffen
Apr 23, 2008
  1. I had just reformatted and I made a C:\ drive for programs and windows and a D:\ drive for games.

    I had made the mistake of installing steam to D:\ and not D:\Steam\ so all the steam files were clustered in the D:\ drive. So I went into program files and uninstalled it for a second go at installing it to the right location. That's when during the installation I had received this error.


    I had tried many many things... Only one worked. I had to reformat the D:\ drive!

    Luckily nothing was on it so if you have files back them up. Go to my computer and left click the D:\ drive and click format.
  2. Asmuth

    Asmuth TS Rookie

    A (possible) fix for anyone with this problem, if your installing Steam on a slave drive or new hd.

    -open Windows Explorer
    -right click and choose properties
    -click on Security tab
    -under Group or User names, add Administrators & SYSTEM. Make sure both have full control. (make take a few moments on each one.)
    -after both now show in Group or User names, click on Advanced near the bottom.
    -make sure Administrators & SYSTEM now show there aswell.
    -click on Owner tab.
    -click Administrators and check the box (Replace owner on subcontainers and objects)and apply.
    -Try your install again.

    Good luck
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