Error, restarting computer

By roadrunnermicke
Jul 16, 2008
  1. Hey, today my computer restarts itself almost all the time. I've will send an *.dmp that was created on the computer when it crasched. The problem is that i can't read it, maybe someone else can tell med whats wrong...



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  2. woody1191

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    The Error listed in the MiniDump is 0x8E and caused by win32k.sys. These errors are mostly caused by Hardware issues.
    Run Memtest86 and let run it overnight to look for errors, download the ISO version and burn it onto a disk and then go into BIOS to make sure the CD Drive is the First Bootable Device let the comp load up again set the test off -
    Post back if the Memtest doesn't find any errors.
  3. roadrunnermicke

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    I think i found the problem

    I have a program called Easytune pro 5 that allows u to overclock the computer automatic from windows. When you do any changes the new settings will start when you have restarted the computer.
    I manage to start that program and saw that it was programmed for extreme performance =).last time I sat at the computer I was just checking out the program , so it was my fault and I must have accedently been overclocking the computer

    I i have now changed to standard performance and since that no restarts have happend...

    how do u manage to read these dmp files? which program?

  4. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

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