Esprimo Mobile V5535

By Haydees
Jan 6, 2009
  1. Hi

    My friend has recently formatted his laptop and im wondering if you could help me/him. Everything works but the onboard microphone isnt working. Im wondering maybe there is a driver for it he hasnt downloaded and if there is anywhere i can get it from because i cannot find it on the fujitsu website. Also, could it be an option, or is it a driver that was taken from the hard drive??


  2. Tmagic650

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    The mic driver could be part of the touchpad driver. You might try looking into the Audio settings in the control panel and make sure the mic is not muted
  3. andyc

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    I've never seen a mic that needs a driver (except the ones in webcams). If the mic does not work in voice calling applications (yahoo messenger, skype etc), make sure that the proper recording device is selected in the sound card's recording control panel. You should open up volume control from "Start->programs->Accessories->entertainment->volume control", go to the options menu->properties, select recording, make sure that everything is checked (including "Microphone") and hit OK. You should have a mixer with the title "Recording control". While you are in skype or yahoo or whatever application, start a call. If there is no sound, check that the "microphone" input in the recording control you launched earlier is not muted or it's volume is not down to a minimum. Note that some soundcards have "Mute" checkboxes under each input and others have "Select" check boxes. If yours has "mute", make sure it is not checked. If it has "select", make sure it is checked.
    Good luck!

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