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Ethernet installation

By Alliance1911
Jun 2, 2008
  1. Hey, I want to install ethernet faceplates into my wall from my study room into my garage where i will hold my 4 dell servers with a network switch and here are the diagrams i will trying to use. My questions is does anyone know of completely detailed instructions on how to install faceplates into walls and putting in cat5 and than back into the switch? also on know to build a desktop cabinet which can keep out dust but provide descent airflow for my dell slimline desktops which will be my servers.
  2. NetCablesPlus

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  3. tipstir

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    Does this user have patch panel setup? Good PDF though.. Jacks connections not hard to do follow the colors matching your wires and make sure you use Cat 5e punch downs where you need it.
  4. tipstir

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    Do you have patch panel closet or the garage would be the location. Make sure that area gets vented for air otherwise you'll have issues with heat. I run two W3K Servers there to manage 15 nodes.
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