Ethernet keeps disconnecting

By Arkz
Sep 5, 2011
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  1. [SOLVED] Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller [SOLVED]

    Hello, i'll try to describe the problem the best i can.. Sorry if my english isn't too good (im venezuelan) i've been trying to get help from other forums and can't find a fix for this..

    The internet keeps disconnecting, the actual problem is that i get a system tray message saying ''Your cable isn't connected''.. I mean the RJ45 IS plugged in -.-..

    All i do is Deactivate, then Activate the Local area network and boom, it works again..

    I want this to stop, i downgraded from Windows 7 to XP to see if it was a W7 problem, but happens the same on XP (In W7 i had to reboot the PC completely so it would turn on again, here on XP just Deactivate -> Activate)..

    I'd be very grateful if i get some help on this, this is a 1 month old PC..

    Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz
    MSI NF725GM-P43
    4Gb Ddr3 1333 Ram
    800w Omega PSU
    Geforce 8400 Gs 1GB - DDR3

    To me, it seems like it's a Mobo problem, but, it's just weird.. The guy that sold it to me said that it happened a couple times to him but he installed ''Fix it'', dunno if it's the ''Microsoft Fix It center'' or another software ><..

    Thx for reading, some help is appreciated i wanna play online w/o disconnecting so much :(..

    Ps [Edit]: Ok, now, i was running desperado's 2: Cooper's Revenge, and it went full screen, the connection was lost again, after i closed the game, it just gone back to normal (Deactivate/activate -> connected again)..

    This is driving me crazy :(

    EDIT 2!


    - The problem was with the WOL feature! (Wake on lan) and the PHY!


    1) Uninstalled the driver (Got the latest one before from Realtek webpage wich is PCIE_Install_5788_07202011)

    2) Installed the new one that i wrote above. (W/o rebooting)

    3) With no success, i kept reading forums, and some ''Anonymous'' user just posted some steps about the PHY and WOL stuff..

    4) Gone to internet connection > properties > Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Config) > Deactivate WOL and PHY..

    5) *The weird step* (this actually worked!) ~> Shut down the computer entirely, UNPLUG the psu cable, and then started to push the on/off button many times (to drain what's left of energy).. Gone and shower, came back and pushed a little more, got a coffee, put the PSU cable in again, switch on PSU and Boot again.. Around, 15-20 minutes of computer totally OFF..

    The guy said something about the Mother Board keeping the Ethernet connection active cause of the WOL feature, and disconnecting even the psu + draining the power would work, since it actually shuts down entirely, (cause psu has transistors and stuff that keep the MoBo ''alive'' rather than shutting it down entirely)

    6) No disconnection so far! Not even running games on full screen, downloading or going with a load of downloads + tweetdeck + online gaming.

    Ps: I noticed this a very common problem on those people with the Realtek NIC,.. I tried every step that's on the net, and this ''Anonymous'' guy and his advice to shut down completely (including power supply) was the only one that helped me..

    If you know ANYONE with this issue please, let them know about this method, it might help :/.. It's been 3 days of intensive reading about this, and the solution heh! Weird one to be honest.. But it WORKS!

    Sorry for the long post ^^'..

  2. Rudy Hinojosa

    Rudy Hinojosa TS Rookie

    I discovered a different solution. If you are wired ethernet and have a wifi adapter. Disable your wifi adapter. If you are wifi connected user, disable your ethernet adapter.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,169   +987

    Correct- - run either or but never both concurrently. It's counter productive too as whichever connection is made LAST, it will never see any traffic.
  4. Rudy Hinojosa

    Rudy Hinojosa TS Rookie

    Well I meant just disable the wifi adapter. I wasn't connected via wifi, but the adapter was still enabled.

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