Ethernet not working on my build

(I installed windows 10 on May 29th at around 6:30 pm) (I think this might be important)
I have stuff on there that is important as heck,reinstalling windows may very well not be an option.So the issue basically is that I have a crappy wifi card in my PC
(Asus Prime B450-Plus,Ryzen 5 3600,Rx 570 8gb gddr5,Corsair spec 04 case,80 plus Corsair CX650,vengeance rgb pro 16gb 2666mhz ram,asus stock cooler,500 sata 3 m.2 ,2tb 5400rpm drive)

My pc is upstairs and it only gives me 2 bars of wifi.
It completely dies like every 2 minutes. I reconnect it like so.Whenever I plug in a ethernet cable it just gives me this error. (Unidentified Network)
No internet access
If I use ethernet on my laptop it works.
I need help pls.