Ethernet not working

By thorvaldur
Feb 20, 2016
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  1. The thing is... I take cmos battery out, and ram, for sometime, then put it all back together, and when I boot I have ethernet, then when computer running for some time I get code 45 in device manager for realtek pcie gbe family controller.

    ga-z68x-ud3p gigabyte motherboard. im at a loss.. ive done pretty much all the basic stuff, upgreded bios from f7 to f8, one thing to add is that I had graphics driver not responding one time the ethernet went out. ?

    SO PLS HELP. and also I have green light on backpane ethernet.! even when its code 45.

    I dont get why cmos and ram reseath fixes it.!
  2. Try the latest driver from Realtek you may find its a known problem with a older driver from Gigabyte or M$ trying to run it and not doing so

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