Evernote resets all user account passwords following security breach

Shawn Knight

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A recent security breach at online note-taking service Evernote forced the company to reset all of their 50 million users’ passwords as a precautionary measure. The company noted (no pun intended) that there is no evidence that any content stored...

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I got this notice too and funny I had changed the default password the other day. I had to change it again. Then on top of that I had to install a newer version. The software getting better but still they have so many updates for it.

I do like the flexibly of the software you can on it on desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, and smart phone. Lots of choices. Take it with me on my smart phone to look at the food list or things to get list. Send the data back to the home server. Still not bad..


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With two factor authentication now even easier to roll-out and end users ever more aware of the vulnerabilities of static passwords, hopefully incidents such as these will serve to further encourage organizations to improve the security of their log-in procedures. All organizations are aware of the brand damage done when security is compromised, while too many consumers have had to put up with the consequences of such a breach. For end users, two factor authentication is no more complex than putting on a seat belt, but the security benefits it provides are considerable. While we can?t mandate that people ?buckle up? when online, we should at least give them the option to.

- T. Kendall Hunt, Chairman and CEO, VASCO