Every window in my pc keeps closing down without any message

By Markus Anthony ยท 5 replies
Apr 24, 2016
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  1. My pc was running windows 10.I installed some unknown software. I did a full install. Then my pc starts downloading unwanted stuff. So I ran adware cleaner. It ask me to restart so I restart. Then I opened microsoft edge and I closes after 2 seconds. I ran advanced system care and I closes down too. I also ran task manager but it crashes too. But when I ran the file explorer I doesnt crash! What do I do? Please help me I cant do my work without my pc pls I need a solution fast!
  2. jobeard

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    Boot into Safe Mode
    then restore from a System Restore Point
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  3. bazz2004

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    "I installed some unknown software. I did a full install."
    Even if the System Restore Point works spend some time improving your security and always be absolutely certain before downloading and installing software. Choose a custom install so you can opt out of unwanted programs that come as part of a bundle.
    It's very irritating to engage with people touting their favourite AV program as the best thing out there so be advised in advance. Run full security scans as soon as you can. SAS super anti spyware and Malwarebytes Free are pretty popular choices. Be advised that you can get excellent security programs as freeware.
    Perhaps let us know what you have installed on your computer to keep Windows safe?
  4. Markus Anthony

    Markus Anthony TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ive got kaspersky and advanced system care
  5. bazz2004

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    Kaspersky is very good in tests. IObit System Care is one of those all in one wonders that includes security protection. As you can maintain Windows effectively without it that leaves you the IObit security which is not great. It is a bad idea to have two security programs working at the same time because in this sphere more is less. For that reason consider uninstalling IObit. Kaspersky and IObit will not be at their best together and of the two I'd choose Kaspersky every time. You have probably paid for both programs so that won't sound a great idea. It's not been helpful to you so far or you'd not be posting.
  6. whatisG

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    Get rid of Advance System Care (it's crap and not trusted). Recommend using: JRT, Adwcleaner, Malwarebytes & CCleaner. (In that order). Then update Kaspersky.

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