EVGA launches cable suspension PC chassis starting at $1,599

Daniel Sims

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WTF?! Open-air case designs have long been a viable choice for PC users who want something a little different. However, EVGA's latest boutique option takes things to the extreme with a price to match. Those willing to spend the money on this unique system should know there won't be many of them.

The E1 Frame Set is a new open-air chassis from EVGA that's available now. Open-air cases aren't new, but this one stands out by holding PC components in-place with steel suspension cables. The nonexistent covering and 100-percent weave carbon fiber frame likely make this one of the lightest chassis ever at just 2.76lbs.

The frame and cables hold the motherboard in place while brackets on the front band back hold the graphics card and power supply, respectively. Mesh racks on the side and top can support coolers. It also includes analog temperature gauges to enhance the E1's industrial theme. Attached to the meters is a front I/O port with two USB 3.2 Type-A and one USB-C port. The E1 supports mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX, and eATX motherboards.

The three packages EVGA offers are notably expensive, and none include a complete PC. The Chassis on its own (with the gauges and GPU bracket) start at $1,599, while the other two options add PC components. The middle-tier E1 Kit 1 includes an RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|N and a 1600w PSU for $3,699. The priciest set — ironically dubbed the E1 Bare Bones — throws in a Z690 DARK K|NGP|N motherboard, a PowerLink 52u adapter for the 3090, and a fancy shipping case for $4,999. That still leaves a CPU, RAM, storage, and CPU cooler that users must purchase separately.

Those prices might look crazy to most people, but EVGA clearly labeled the E1 as an exclusive product when unveiling it in January. Quantities will be quite limited, and only EVGA members can purchase the E1.

Open-air cases may leave PC components more exposed to dust and moisture than standard chassis while also increasing noise. However, the superior airflow helps the system stay cool while potentially allowing more space for components and easier access to them. Antec started offering its still-expensive but more reasonable $500 Canon case in May. Japanese company Nagao Industry produces the N-Frame-OP01 mount to allow monitor installation on the side of an open-air chassis.

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I don't see the point in this it wouldn't cost anyone near as much as EVGA want for this thing to be able to build your own

also no EMI/RFI protection no grounding for the mobo to the case


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Looks like a PC thong. I prefer an enclosed case myself. I'm pretty sure I can make something similar to this in the welding shop. It won't cost over $1k I can tell you that.


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5000 dollars is cheap. I have spent 6000 in mine so far and it is not so fancy as that EVGA.


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I bought a kolink stronghold case for around 50 eur.
I haven't placed the side covers or the top dust filter for better temps - so there you go, nice airflow with open case for 50 eur, I saved 1549 eur, I feel soooo smart now.

Derik For Real

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What a big fraud EVGA, just barebone case design visually nd practically, there is no complexity, just nothing to be curious about or different then what we already have.

If you think this is a worthy halo product, your mistaken, its lazy design overal and you ask 1600 dollars for it !

You are ruining the industry with this mindset, you dont bring innovation or something fresh, yet you think this piece of case is worth 1600 ? Thank god we still have better alternative, you are dismissed !

Avoid this piece of crap !


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Doubt anyone will buy this for daily use minus the few who have money to burn or need to stand out, thinking we'll be seeing a video from Jay pop up featuring this case soon enough. Could imagine companies who want to showcase their products at events would find this an appealing option, they'd even be able to get a deal from EVGA no doubt.

Other than those few use cases, at tat price point, EVGA is out of their mind.


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Cool gimmic I guess but way way over priced for what it is but I'm sure there are gonna be enough fools that will part with their money to have this. Gimmic nothing more in my own opinion.