In brief: Open-air computer cases, or test benches as they used to be called, have been serving enthusiasts for decades. Most afford direct access to a rig's core components so you can swap out hardware without having to remove side panels and other obstructions. Something you don't usually see on an open-frame case is a monitor mount, but the latest accessory from Nagao Industry remedies this shortcoming.

The N-Frame-OP01 is an add-on monitor mount for the company's open-frame chassis, effectively transforming the case into a true all-in-one computing solution. The bracket attaches to the back of the chassis and supports standard 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA hole patterns.

Open-air systems have plenty of pros and cons that you'll want to weigh before making the jump from a traditional case.

Cooling generally isn't a major concern as everything is out in the open, but this could backfire if you're accustomed to highly controlled air channels to combat hot spots. Open rigs are also going to be louder than most standard cases as there isn't anything to muffle fan noise. Pet owners might also want to think twice about an open-air chassis, especially if they like to explore or paw at things.

Others have voiced concerns about grounding and static electricity, but I've never had any issues in this department in my experiences with open systems.

Interested parties will want to check compatibility before submitting an order. It'd also be wise to consider the weight of the display you plan to use with the chassis to avoid a top-heavy configuration.