External hard drive problem

By Lightingbird
Jul 4, 2009
  1. I'm having a problem with a Western Digital external harddrive model #wd25001032. It uses its own power supply and is connected by USB.

    I've had it for a few years and never had a problem with it. I haven't used it in a long time and I tried to hook it up to a vista prem vista pack 1 machine. The following things occur:

    1. At first the computer doesnt detect it. The harddrive light comes on but no action on the computer.

    2. I'll try and go into my computer and see if it shows the icon. It has a good hunk of data on it. The icon does not come up no matter what I do. Then out of nowhere my "my computer" folder will stop responding.

    3. I've tried to increase and decrease the priority and nothing. Although as soon as I unplug the usb from the computer. The windows starts responding instantly.

    4. I've did some basic computer checking like disabling the firewall, repairing the registry, and trying different usb ports out of desperation. I went into computer management and then storage but when the device is plugged up It goes to not responding.

    Before I give up and take the data as a loss. Can anyone think of a way to resolve this?
  2. LookinAround

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    Hmm... hard to say just what the problem is based on those symptoms... Here's a collection of links that may help shed light on the issue. Post again after following some / have any more results / have a question.

    In particular when you troubleshooting: Windows not recognizing your USB drive be sure to note if a USB Mass Storage and/or a disk driver is appearing in Device Manager, per instructions you'll find in the post
    • See [post=744411]USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates[/post]
    • See [post=752196]How to Check Hardware / Connection Issues with your USB Device[/post]
    • See [post=751005]How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers[/post]
    • See [post=720762]Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive[/post]
    • See [post=720763]How to Fix a Drive Letter that Doesn't Appear[/post]
    • See [post=727106]How to use the DriveCleanupTool[/post]
    • See [post=720766]How to boot from a G-Parted-Live-CD[/post]
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