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Facebook and MySpace not loading on my computer

By froggggg5
Feb 27, 2011
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  1. Hi. I didn't know which section of tech support to post this, so please forgive me (and feel free to notify me) if this is the wrong place.

    For three days now, my computer won't load myspace or facebook. It won't even go to the page, and instead after several minutes my computer/internet connection gives this error message: Safari can’t open the page.
    Safari can’t open the page “(facebook link removed for posting purposes)” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.

    I get the same problem when I try to load one other page - myspace.

    For the past few days every other link and page I've tried to load still loads beautifully within seconds.

    Of course, I use Safari. I don't currently have another internet server already set up on my computer so I've only still tried loading pages within Safari.

    However, I've tried loading the pages on one other computer within the same house. This computer uses Google Chrome for it's internet site. Interestingly, sometimes I'm able to get the login page and even able to login, but then when I try to load anything within the site after the initial login, I get an error message. So I'm not able to post or modify anything within the site. When I then try to go back, going as far as closing out the internet and then getting back on to reaccess the fb login page, I sometimes cannot load the login page. After several attempts, it seems that I still can't do anything on facebook. Myspace won't load at all.
    All other pages load within 30 seconds to a minute, and are not giving me any problems.

    I've considered that it's the sites themselves, but it has been three full days that I have been having this issue and in the meantime my phone fb app is working so I'm seeing that friends are still posting without any problems.

    Both computers have iolo, which was recently updated around the time this issue started. Also, one computer also has Kaspersky anti-virus. I've run both and they're not finding any problems on my computer. The scans come out clean.

    The other computer has, again, iolo, but has AVG anti-virus. Virus, etc. scans show everything clean.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what to do, please suggest away. I just can't figure this one out on my own yet, so I'd much appreciate input.


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