Facebook and Zynga renegotiate and extend contract through 2015

Shawn Knight

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Facebook and Zynga have extended and renegotiated a contract that was set to expire in early 2013. The two companies were expected to part ways as recently as yesterday but that is no longer the case. The new deal ensures...

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Considering FB cut off & blocked all Zynga game posts from feed upon reset (gmt-7) , think it's a pretty safe assumption which was willing to let the other go. But go where, remains to be seen and is obviously years out.

here's a few "Official" replies regarding above:

[SIZE=12px]Dear Mobster,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]We have received reports from players who are unable to see posts on their Timeline or their own posts are not visible on the feeds.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]It seems to be an issue with the new Timeline updates.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]You can find more information about Timeline setting [/SIZE][SIZE=12px]here[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]We would like to reassure that we are doing all we can to find a solution to help you out as quickly as possible![/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]There is no need to submit a ticket to [/SIZE][SIZE=12px]Customer Support[/SIZE][SIZE=12px] for this issue.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]Thank you very much for your understanding Mobster.[/SIZE]


direct CS response reiterates same.
[/SIZE][SIZE=13px][FONT=lucida grande]Mafia Wars support:[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px][FONT=lucida grande]I understand, we are aware of this FB feeds issue already, unfortunately since we don't support FB we're unable to solve the issue. Although, this is because FB is making some changes to the Timeline, therefore no one will be able to see the feeds until they finish with that. Unfortunately, we don't have control over that, We need your understanding about this. [/FONT][/SIZE]