Facebook-backed Internet.org to bring free, limited Internet to Zambia

  1. In an effort to boost Internet usage in underdeveloped countries, Facebook yesterday said that it will provide free, but limited, Internet data access to mobile phone subscribers in the African nation of Zambia.

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  2. Yes, because internet access is obviously the first thing they need to make life better!

    All those adverts will certainly improve the prospects of people in poverty. NOT!

    If Mark ****erberg truly wanted to help theses people he'd give them something more meaningful than access to the latest brainwashing being pumped into the collective consciousness by some person whose job it is to create new lies everyday. Advertisers.

    You know, like technologically advanced shelters - or devices that extract electricity from latent heat (device invented by OXFAM in the 90's which STILL hasn't been distributed where it is needed), or water-filters etc etc. I'm sure having Facebook will make up for the mass exploitation of their resources by western countries over the last century, or the daily suffering experienced by people whom can do nothing except watch as Western corporations steal more and more of their children's future heritage away from them.

    "Thanks for the brainwashing channel Facebook, it was exactly what we needed." will not be something heard in these countries.

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