Facebook bans


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Hopefully this issue can be discussed without infringing Techspot guidelines because Facebook is certainly a might force.

I am very wary of social media platforms and had entered some false details for the Facebook account to safeguard my personal info. Things like DOB and place of birth are best kept private. Living without Facebook was fine for about a year then I found that it’s not possible to access some websites without logging into Facebook.

I had in the meantime forgotten the password and messed up the security questions so was banned from Facebook. They also wanted photo ID and being naïve I just sent a photo. Only reason given was that I’d violated their terms and conditions which are likely legion. There’s no obvious way to interact with a real person in the system. A ban is apparently forever.

It’s now quite a while later and I decided to have another go this time with a fresh email address and phone number. I set it up successfully and had a Welcome back message from Facebook. There was nothing in my personal profile from the former account. Seemingly, this was a clean slate. I spent a couple of days basically just logging in and seeing that stuff worked. I posted nothing apart from entering the photo I’d sent them long ago.

Next day my account was suspended for violating their terms and conditions. Does anybody who is proficient in the dark arts of social media have any insights into what is going on here and whether there is any way back?