Facebook(browser) unusable slow after windows 10 update


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Like in title Facebook, in browser, become unusable slow after (I think) latest windows 10 update. At least I've noticed it after the update. First it would load fairly normal, still slower than before, but opening chat, trying to refresh page, feed loading takes minutes to complete.
Problem occurs in all browsers on my pc (chrome, firefox, edge) but not on my brother laptop, app or even android chrome (both mobile and desktop mode).
No more sites that im aware for now having this problem.
I've tried clearing, flushing and renewing dns with ipconfig commands, disabling antivirus (eset internet security), as I'm writing this I've done spybot scan and upon clicking fix marked program freezed and was unable to fix found problems. Tried different DNS settings, reseting chrome settings, clearing caches.
I think I've done everything im aware of that could help in this kind of situation, any other ideas how to solve this, or does any one have similar problem?



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Does this only occur with Facebook?

Look to see which antivirus programs are installed and running?


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It occurs mostly with Facebook, I've did system backup to before update but it would get me BSOD, so I've rolled back the change and it would seem to perform much better.