Facebook data privacy audit reveals 'around 200' apps may have misused user data

By Polycount
May 14, 2018
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  1. Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal has led many tech companies to take steps to address user privacy concerns. Some have given users tools to see how their data is used, and others have given users the opportunity to download all the data the platform stores about them.

    On Facebook's part, the company promised in March to conduct a full app investigation and audit, determining whether or not any apps on the platform may be misusing user data.

    Today, Facebook's VP of Product Partnerships Ime Archibong released an update on the audit. In the update, Archibong elaborated on Facebook's review process, explaining that they've divided their investigations into two phases.

    First, Facebook performs a "comprehensive review" to identify every app that has access to a large amount of user data. Second, the company conducts interviews, request information and performs on-site inspections.

    ...Facebook auditors have suspended "around 200 [apps]" for potentially misusing Facebook data.

    As a result of this process, Archibong says Facebook auditors have suspended "around 200 [apps]" for potentially misusing Facebook data. To be clear, this suspension will only be temporary and Facebook hasn't come to a final conclusion about the apps use of data just yet.

    Rather, there were simply a few red flags that caught the attention of auditors. That said, if Facebook's auditors do find that these apps misused user data, the company will ban them outright and notify users via this Help section article.

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    Quote from Aleksandr Kogan about access to users' friends data: "It seems crazy now. But this was a core feature of the Facebook platform for years. This was not a special permission you had to get. This was just something that was available to anybody who wanted it who was a developer."
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