Facebook donates $10m to charity to settle "Sponsored Story" lawsuit

By Shawn Knight
Jun 18, 2012
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  1. Facebook settled a lawsuit last month that could have seen the social network compensate one out of every three users in the US but details of the settlement were only made available over the weekend. Zuckerberg and company agreed to…

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  2. Pocket lint, precedent set for future abuses by Facebook. At the precipice of the slippery slope.
  3. Too bad charity organizations don't have salary caps, therefore Facebook could start their own charity for the "Health of Facebook Employees" then hire their friends to run it, "Donate" 10 million that they were forced to donate; and tell their friends to set their salaries to what ever they want.

    What they don't mention in this article is that when they donate 10 million dollars, their accountants will be able to write off 10 million dollars in tax deductions.

    Either way, they could care less considering thousands of Facebook employees are now instant-millionaires thanks to their stock going public.

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