Facebook encouraging members to share organ donor status

Shawn Knight

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Facebook is hoping to use their massive member pool for something besides keeping in touch with friends. The social network has announced a plan that will encourage users to share...

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I don't think Google nor Facebook's appetite for information will be satisfied until the term private-life has become obsolete.


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I believe its Germany that makes you a donor by default, I kinda like the idea. Yes yes thank you FB for adding this uh hopefully people will actually check your FB after you die to see if you are a organ donor and I do not see that happening. Maybe in the year 3000ish er nah fb wont be around then.


Just remember to sign the back of you're driver's license, just posting It on facebook Is meaningless


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This feature was inspired by Steve Jobs according to Mark Zuckerberg, because SJ's life was prolonged a few years because he received a liver transplant.


This latest request for highly personal information is obscene. Anyone who shares this kind of information with Facebook is absolutely out of their minds.