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Facebook has disabled 583 million fake accounts in the past three months

By Shawn Knight · 14 replies
May 15, 2018
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  1. Facebook last month published the internal guidelines it uses to determine what is and isn’t permitted on the social network. On Tuesday, the Menlo Park-based company shared numbers from its first Community Standards Enforcement Report that help illustrate Facebook’s performance as of late.

    The report highlights six key areas: fake accounts, spam, adult nudity and sexual activity, graphic violence, terrorist propaganda and hate speech.

    Guy Rosen, VP of Product Management, said most of the action Facebook takes to remove bad content revolves around fake accounts and spam. In the first quarter alone, Facebook disabled roughly 583 million fake accounts, most of which were disabled within minutes of registration.

    This, Rosen says, is in addition to the millions of fake accounts that are blocked from registering on a daily basis yet even still, it is estimated that as many as four percent of the active Facebook accounts during the quarter were still fake.

    Facebook also took down 837 million pieces of spam in Q1, almost all of which were identified and flagged before anyone reported them.

    Elsewhere, Facebook removed 21 million pieces of content classified as adult nudity or sexual activity and took down or applied warning labels to nearly 3.5 million pieces of violent content during the quarter. Furthermore, 2.5 million pieces of hate speech were removed although Rosen concedes that Facebook’s technology still has some work to do in this category as only 38 percent was flagged automatically.

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  2. Jeff Re

    Jeff Re TS Addict Posts: 125   +89

    That's funny, I reported an obvious fake account a month ago and they said it was fine. It's still there.
    Whitefyre likes this.
  3. regiq

    regiq TS Addict Posts: 203   +80

    XXI century's true power.
  4. gusticles41

    gusticles41 TS Guru Posts: 319   +352

    I just reported one 2 days ago. It was a fake ho' who stole money from a mentally handicapped friend of mine. Clearly they aren't diving too deeply into what constitutes a fake account, as this one "does not violate community standards".
  5. Whitefyre

    Whitefyre TS Enthusiast Posts: 28   +11

    my ex is using a fake account since the beginning almost. sent in information and still nothing
  6. Dimitrios

    Dimitrios TS Maniac Posts: 251   +152

    FACEBOOK blocked me for 3 day's due from some SNOWFLAKE. There censoring is getting very controlling. Funny how if you try and erase FACEBOOK they will find sneaky ways to trick you. In the past I tried to end FAKEBOOK and they would email me saying this is what your friend has posted and when you click on the email it reactivates your account. They should call it SNOWFLAKEBOOK.
  7. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,174   +1,619

    I think they should rename themselves to fakebook.
    IAMTHESTIG likes this.
  8. ShagnWagn

    ShagnWagn TS Guru Posts: 508   +350

    Why don't you delete your account instead of disable it? It's not like it really deletes it (they keep permanent backups of everything), but I would think you can't re-enable it.
  9. gusticles41

    gusticles41 TS Guru Posts: 319   +352

    To be fair, anyone who all-caps the word "snowflake" may have deserved a ban.

    And just like any free service...You don't have much right to complain about how they run it. Unless they leak your data, that you can complain about.
    Charles Olson likes this.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,582   +698

    Who cares? Facebook should be deleted...
    Impudicus, Darth Shiv and wiyosaya like this.
  11. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,174   +1,619

    (y) I second the motion! All in favor, say Aye!
  12. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    Scammers on Face book like crazy just like Skype. On Face Book it takes a while for them to ask for money but in the end they well. Fake US Army Female Soldiers which I've reported to them. The Scammer said her name was Maggie. She gone from a young woman to a elderly woman before they had killed her account. I am telling whatever you say about yourself on FB they scammer can see it and create a fake woman or some who are high class can be a real girl show-up on skype video call you up on your cell phone. Do a lot more and in the end try to get you for $1300 bucks for their rent but really to line their friends pockets. So Fake Accounts is nothing new to Face Book. They don't know how to work with Scammer but they're do know how to take your account info and sell it to the highest bidder. They all do that today.. But FB didnt' get away with-it they got caught and now paying the price. I've lost a lot of friends on FB a lot of them don't come back on their accounts after Mr. Z has to come out and tells us he did something dirty. So Face Book Fake accounts are now just getting talk about ...
  13. Kodka

    Kodka TS Rookie

    I deleted my Facebook. Who interested in starting our own? lol
  14. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 542   +27

    Interestingly enough they must use altavista translate instead of google translate or what ever. They gave my mom a 24h ban 2 days ago for an old reply to a post that was food related. The reson for the ban was racism...the thing with that is that the name of the dessert in question sounds more like profanity if it gets translated word by word from SWE to ENG.
    Oh yeah, lets not forget that I haven't been able to log in to my fb aac since Feb. this year, my phone shat itself and locked my prepaid sim card...try to guess what fb's 2-step auth thinks about that...I have submitted a pic of my drivers license twice and then also a pic of me holdin a paper with some random code they wanted...

    TLDR - FB is a bad phishing joke
    Impudicus likes this.
  15. Whitefyre

    Whitefyre TS Enthusiast Posts: 28   +11

    wow just wow

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