Facebook shuts down AI system after it invents own language

I'm not exactly sure what people thought they could achieve with a Facebook AI, beyond, "artificial stupidity", "vacuousness", and "ill defined superficiality".

1st bot: "Have you seen the size, size, size, of Kim Kardashian's a**, a**, a**, a**"?

2nd bot: "Wow, wow, wow, that's big, big, big". :eek:
lmao ... (though I wish I could laugh Kartdashian's a** off, off, off...)
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For all we know Cap'n, FB et al may have purposely 'programmed' the bots with syntactic freedom to see what they would do with it, and it scared the b-jesus out of them when they did. To speak to your example, your one and one and one to a computer in binary is a lot more efficient than the conversion of alphanumeric characters. My repeated entry got to the word "get" at third level (everything in the universe operates on the third level) of entry >. Looking at the 'human' meaning and going backwards, is the translation the computer understands. Just sayin'. They spoke to one another, not us. This well could have been an experiment gone right, rather than wrong. : ) Good conversation.
All I know is, we all better start learning, "Assembly English", or none of us will be getting past the robot in the ticket booth.

That notwithstanding, I got the impression that Facebook was simply trying to find out if bots could convince humans, they were talking to other humans. You know, take the nonsense you get when you're talking to the phone company's "operator" to the next level. (At least on paper). Sure it's unethical, but the majority (?) of Facebook users respond in simple contemporary platitudes anyway. So with many of them, it's pretty much like talking to a robot to begin with.

Now, if you want to study and advance AI to the point where machines can teach and learn from each other, you're pretty much creating a new programming language which should likely be named, "Pandora++". :eek:
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