Facebook to distribute AMBER Alerts for abducted children


TS Rookie
Facebook has teamed up with the US government to make it possible to deliver America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response (AMBER) Alerts to its users. There is now an AMBER Alert Facebook page for each US state, along with Puerto Rico and some Canadian provinces, for abducted children. Gov20.GovFresh called it "a 21st Century alert for a real-time Web."

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TS Rookie
Way to take better social responsibility FB!! I commend you, those who have great power, such as reaching out to millions should take more action in helping others, where they can!! This great news for all the lost and abducted children. May they be swiftly found and may justice be served to the cruel perpetrators.


I agree to a point, yes Facebook and US government are doing a awesome job with allowing this but I believe, it's not enough and more should be done for the sake of our children of tomorrow. Like Cell Phones, or treated like a national disaster and cut out program on-air and make it a breaking news deal instead of showing the face of Sarah Palin or Obama taking vacations instead of working on the problem at hand. Nobody really agreed a lot on bush but at least he worked instead of vacationing.