Facebook will let you know if you are about to share outdated news

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In brief: Facebook is following Twitter’s lead in launching a new feature designed to help people make more informed decisions about the information they share with family and friends. Like Twitter’s feature, Facebook users can dismiss the notification and continue ahead with sharing a link should they choose to do so.

On Thursday, the social media giant said it is starting to roll out a notification system that will warn people when they are about to share an article that is more than 90 days old.

John Hegeman, VP of feed and stories at Facebook, said internal research conducted over the past several months has shown that the timeliness of an article is important when helping people determine what to read, trust and share.

Publishers have also reportedly expressed concern over older stories being shared on social media as current, which can “misconstrue the state of current events.” Some publishers have even taken matters into their own hands, Facebook said, by prominently labeling older stories to help curb them from being used in a misleading manner.

Twitter earlier this month announced a somewhat similar function for Android that’ll produce a notification asking if you’d like to read an article before posting it. According to Twitter, the prompt is generated when you haven’t yet opened the link through Twitter, not through other platforms.

It seems like both of these issues could be addressed on the end-user side simply by taking a moment to check the date of an article before you read it. The publication date is almost universally listed at the top of a piece just below the headline or off to the side depending on the site's layout.

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As someone responsible for the execution of a TV studio every day, if it ain't news, it's history.


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Think this is a great idea, but wonder how many people will actually pay attention to it. I have a number of goofy friends (mainly older folks) who routinely post stuff with an "OMG LOOK AT THIS!" header and I have to tell them the story is years - sometimes decades - old.

You'd think they'd learn after a while and do a little research first, but nope. More important for them to get the shock effect of their story.
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Lol FB SAYS "you are an *****" er I mean "the news you are typing is outdated" "that fact was disproven in 1568" noice maybe I will take a look at FB

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I'm so sick and tired of censorship by these big tech companies. People should be able to post whatever they want. Someone needs to create a competing Social Media Network that doesn't censor. Its time for Facebook to go the way of Myspace and die.