Facebook's Timeline feature goes live worldwide

By Jos
Dec 15, 2011
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  1. Facebook has officially begun rolling out the new Timeline feature to its entire 800+ million user base. Announced in September, the move represents a complete reconceptualization of profile pages, where…

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  2. facebook even has an app that provides ways to create a really nice cover for the timeline. the link is https://apps.facebook.com/timeline_covers
  3. The best part of the new update is Activity Log. It allows you to see everything and anything that is related to what you have done on Facebook in a easy to navigate way. From Activity Log you can go through and manage/delete anything you've posted anywhere on the site, or anything you've "liked" on the site, and many other things relating to you're activity on Facebook.

    Besides that new feature, the update makes navigating your profile easier and more logical once you get over the initial "shock" of how different it is.

    The other two best things in my opinion are the new cover photos and the ability to make a post "featured" on your timeline!

    By the way, before anyone complains about timeline being some sort of invasion of privacy or something, you should make sure that you actually understand how it works and maybe have tried actually using it. Don't forget that the timeline only shows what you allow it to show.

    (Queue Facebook haters)

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