Faces of Facebook is an interactive mashup of all 1.26 billion profiles

By Shawn Knight · 9 replies
Sep 29, 2013
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  1. The latest project from freelance creative technologist Natalia Rojas really puts the term “social network” into perspective. Known as The Faces of Facebook, the site creates a snapshot of every Facebook profile photo – all 1,262,090,313 of them (and counting...

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  2. So the faces of everyone on facebook looks like white noise when joined together,just like the sound they would make if they all spoke at once.
  3. lalaman

    lalaman TS Member Posts: 25

    "Rojas created the site using a combination of HTML5, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, EaselJS, Ajaz, FB API, PHP and MySQL"

    Did you mean "AJAX"? Also, this is pretty neat!
  4. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +286

    Stalking at your fingertips! Impressive website nevertheless.
  5. LukeDJ

    LukeDJ TS Maniac Posts: 350   +112

    I'm sure there are far better ways to stalk somebody than looking through 1.3 Billion photos until you find the right one :p
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  6. spydercanopus

    spydercanopus TS Evangelist Posts: 855   +121

    Too slow
  7. Acespaces

    Acespaces TS Member Posts: 85   +12

    Site doesnt work on my $1400 gaming computer... I blame Charter Communications
  8. dennis777

    dennis777 TS Enthusiast Posts: 285   +33

    Hmm try not using internet explorer when accessing the website hehe
  9. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Can you get your money back from Charter Communications and for your rig? You don't need to spend so much money to access FB.
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  10. Working for my grandma

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