Factory Reset Problems


TS Rookie
Every few months I factory reset my gaming PC when its starting to get a bit slow, and in the past this has worked out well. I don't have any important files on it so I just start from scratch and in about 3 hours its good as new. This time there have been some problems. I factory reset it, and then it will start installing windows 10 on my computer. After it gets to around 9% installed, the computer reboots, and then after the windows loading screen, the screen is just black. I can see my mouse on the screen, but I cant do anything like getting task manager to come up. I've factory reset it a couple of times now, and the same thing keeps happening. I also left it on overnight and it was still the same.


TS Ambassador
Ouch -- instead of resetting the existing OS, you were lead into a Win/10 upgrade. Sounds like you lost the onboard device drivers.