Failed to network w8, xp & vista


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Networked for years in XP machines.

I read help files how to but, could not make it work.

My w8 win wxplorer list shows under Network the VISTA LAPTOP. When I click on it it asks for user name/password but, what name & password?.

I naver had any name/password for my networks.

Any body knows what does it refere to?


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Hey nichos. Was a name and password used when this Win8 system was first set-up. When I first unpacked a WIN8 laptop, it threw me for a loop as it requires a username and password to unlock it.


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I would go to the Microsoft site, type in Knowledge Base, and look for a possible solution there. I had my systems networked using Network Magic and never had a real problem reading another pc's files, and at the time I had Vista,Win7, and an XP laptop. Sorry I can't be of any help at this time.