Failed when installing intek audio drive

  1. I had some problem with audio drives so I did uninstall audio drive and trying to install audio drive but Installation progress going to be 75% and then error message shown Failed error code 0X00000005 every time.
    I have also got an error reports and DxDiag files which are attached.

    Vinayak MIshra

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  2. LookinAround

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    Where are you getting your drivers from? They seem rather old compared to what I see on the Intel site (you have an intel DH61SA board, yes?)

    1. I'd first run the Intel Driver update tool.
    2. There's also a newer Realtek Win 7 driver on Intel site for your board
    (if the update tool doesn't install it on it's own) HERE is the Intel support site I found. But please VERIFY YOURSELF that this link matches your actual m/b model #
    3. Last (but I wouldn't do this unless all other efforts don't help) there seem to be more recent BIOS as well. But, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (BIOS). Try other driver updates first
  3. vinayak mishra

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    Yes I have an intel DH61SA board.
    I have already been tried above two solution but no luck the error message shown as below:-
    "The Intel Driver update installation failed. Possible web browser compatibility, firewall, or installation issue detected."
    Already download the latest driver from your given link and tried to install but failed!!
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