Fan stopped running

By Lime Juice
Aug 2, 2010
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  1. /title

    As the title says my laptops Fan has stopped running, story goes i was minding my own business not paying attention to the fan & i moved to get comfortable when it started making this horrid grinding noise it kept up for about a minute before stopping & turning off, i turned it back on only to hear it again so i immediately turned it back off.

    I opened the back up expecting to see something caught in the van only to find i'd have to go run around to find my other screw driver.
    So i just closed it back up & now the fan isn't running what so ever, my question is will my PC be fine if i don't torture it with massive streams of pron?

    Also it's a piece of **** DELL if that tickles your fancy.
  2. bwta

    bwta TS Rookie

    you'll need a new fan for sure if you try and use it for extended periods of time you'll just destroy your hardware(and for your info its porn not pron) hope this helps.

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