Far Cry 1 - Level 18 Factory weird problem Elevator Breaks cannot exit level to go to next level


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I am trying to finish level 18 (the Factory Level) in Far Cry 1, however, when I get back to the elevator, the elevator control panel is broken and will not activate. I have been all through the level, and there appears to be no other way to exit the level.

I'm playing the 64-bit version on Windows 10 21H2. I have tried going back to the previous level and starting level 18 over, however, the break seems to happen every time when the elevator goes down. The fork lift is somehow stuck, and goes through the top of the elevator - I can watch it happen. Then, when the elevator gets to the bottom, the control panel has "sparks" coming out of it and will no longer activate.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Any help would be appreciated.