'Far Cry 4' set to arrive on November 18 for all major platforms

Shawn Knight

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Ubisoft on Thursday revealed that Far Cry 4 will arrive on November 18 in North America for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. True to the franchise, it'll be an open-world first-person shooter according to...

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I wonder if they dropped the pointless "crafting" system? I know I'd really like to carry more bullets for my gun but finding 4 speckle tailed woolly tufted albino sand yaks to make the ammo belt added so much to the game.


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I will definitely pre-order this, but want to see what other pre-order offers come out first. Great to see that they've brought that bone-head Hurk back. He was funny as hell!

Love the Far Cry series - one of the best in gaming. :)


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Im always incredibly interested...I like the wits element of FC3, but would like to see it even more expanded.

Id also like to stop running out of ammo. but im early in.

Theres nothing more entertaining than watching from the bushes as a tiger takes out an entire pirate village.


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Yes this made my day! Always loved the Far Cry series and you can tell that they put work into it to make it great overall