Feedback on GPU brands


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I am not looking to buy anytime soon. I was just wondering what people's
experiences were with costumer support, warranties, etc... for different video card brands.
I am mainly wondering about:
(over $100, current generation GPUs)

I realize it is a long list, but what ever info you have would be appreciated.
Thank You :wave:


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IMO the companies go like this
XFX has the best warranty if you register your card
Evga has a great warranty and there 90 day stepup program lets you step up to a better card in that 90 days for the difference in price.
Msi has great products and there overclocking software is amazing
Sapphire is a well know good brand and only makes AMD cards
ASUS are good cards i have a 4850 that is this brand nothing bad to report also a well known motherboard manufacturer
Gigabyte dont know about there cards but there motherboards are top notch
Palit no bad but not the best IMO but they have one of the fastest gtx 460 cards available


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Hey Teamwork, I'm listing my general experience with the following companies since several do more then just video cards.

XFX - Currently have an XFX card and they are by far my favorite of the following vendors. I've had the best experience out of any company with them, mail in rebate turn around was about five-six weeks, customer support with them has been superb both e-mail & phone on top of offering double-lifetime warranty.

EVGA - No personal experience with them but they are known to be one of the best and I wouldn't hesitate to get one of there cards if need be.

ASUS - Haven't dealt with their customer support or rebates but everything I got from them has delivered.

Gigabyte - Been a satisfied Gigabyte customer as well, haven't dealt with there support but on the rebate side things took about an average of eight weeks.

Sapphire - No personal experience with them but they are known to be one of the better companies too.

MSI - Currently have an MSI card and have been very satisfied with its performance. Their customer support has been average to me but there rebate program is dreadful. It took over half a year to get it back and they never returned e-mails or calls about it. This seems to be pretty common and I can't say if they've improved since I last got a card from them.

Palit - No experience with them but they are a big world wide OEM dealer and parent company of Galaxy and a couple others if I'm not mistaken. Regarding warranty they seem to offer only the minimum of 1 to 2 years.

Hope this helps you out :grinthumb .


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for nvidia cards you'd be hard-pressed to not go with either XFX or EVGA. both companies honor great warranties and have decent tech support. the mainboard companies such as ASUS and MSI can be a bit harder to work with and their warranties are often not as flexible. i've owned a couple of XFX geforce cards in the past and they are actually still covered under warranty. You can find both companies' policies below:

XFX Warranty Information

EVGA Warranty Information


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EVGA: Love therir product and services, they're a great company that stand by their products.

ASUS: Can't comment, I haven't used an ASUS board or cantacted their customer support. (Will be getting an ASUS 980a AM3 SLI board from them soon) Also can't say anything about the GPUs

Gigabyte: Great motherboards, I've used 2-3 of their boards and they've been top notch, I haven't contact the customer support and I can't say anything about the GPUs that they put out.

Sapphire: Haven't used any of their GPUs but I've heard nothing but good about them.

XFX: Haven't used any of their products but I've heard mixed reviews of their customer support.

msi: Shoddy products and customer support at best. I've recived a 9600GT from them a while back for a build for a family member, the RAM on it was faulty and I sent it in for an RMA and they sent it back in the same condition.

Palit: Can't say too much, I haven't contacted their customer spport or used their GPUs