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May 11, 2009
  1. Hey, so I just obtained a used compaq presario desktop and am doing a clean install. I'm trying to find the drivers for the exact model but no where on the outside of the PC does it show the product number which I use to find out which drivers to get on There are a bunch of random numbers that I have located that I have tried to type into different places with no success. I have tried everything I can think of to locate the model from the software interface but it always just says presario and thats it. The numbers I have located so far are:

    a seven digit numeric number
    and something starting with ixs

    How do I locate the drivers I need?
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    Adam will not list drivers for a Compaq Presario.
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    Yes, why would you go to Dell to get Compaq drivers? Go to the Compaq website and see if you can find the drivers there. What drivers are you trying to get?
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    Somewhere on the case you should find the model number. Please provide that model number so we can direct you to the correct Compaq/HP website for drivers.
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    Kimsland - just wanted to pass along feedback on these two: they're great! Nice work pulling all this stuff together. You're really an asset to the TechSpot community here.

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    Although this is off topic

    Thanks for the feedback, of which I don't receive much
    As you are still a "Newcomer, in training" I hope that you have the time to read all the Guidelines and Terms of Service here.

    Generally I always ask new members to read this thread (reply on that thread not required though ;))

    Read: How to post a New Thread
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    Hey sorry I meant I went to the compaq website for the drivers, I accidentally said dell because I was also working on a dell at the time. My issue remains however. I don't need the product key, I need the product number like compaq presario 6300 or something like that. I have looked everywhere externally and internally around the PC and there is no number denoting such. I have even looked in much of the software like msinfo32.exe but it just says "compaq presario". I can't get the right drivers from the website if I don't know product/model number. Any ideas?
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    Did you actually go to this thread?

    Here's some info from that thread:
    Just click on the box "Start Detection" :)
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