Firefox Google search redirect virus

By korndog
May 5, 2009
  1. Updated after running 8 steps


    I'm hoping you can help me here.

    As of a few days ago, whenever I use Firefox and search in Google and click the results I'm redirected to some random site. For example, I search on Mitsubishi and click on a Mitsubishi result and get redirected to Nationwide Insurance. This usually goes for 1-3 times after which I can then click on a Google result and go direct to it.

    Additionally, my AVG protection didn't seem to recognize the internet anymore. I pulled the latest version and when it tried to update it didn't find my Internet connection.

    I've run the 8 step guide

    1. Removed AVG. Installed and ran Avira. Would not update even though internet open and Windows firewall turned off. Logs attached.

    2. Installed and ran CCleaner v2.19.900 three times

    3. Real Time monitoring off. No P2P programs.

    4. Installed and ran Anti-Malware. Would not update even though internet open and Windows firewall turned off. Log attached.

    5. Installed and ran Super Anti-Spyware. Update worked. Log attached

    6. Updated Java from v5 update 6 to version 6 update 13

    7. Ran HijackThis v2.0.2. Log attached.

    8. Turned back on Avira monitoring.

    I would appreciate any suggestions


    I had not run the 8 steps in advance - corrected now

  2. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    Need Expert Help... Unable to update either MBAM, or AV...

    Major Issue... Unable to update either MBAM, or AV...
    What follows is of little meaning until we can get you updated...

    Right now, Your logs look basically okay…
    AV Scan is good. mbam scan is good. But they are not updated!
    SAS scan shows cookies to be eliminated.

    HJT Log... Need expert help…
    Please, Do Not Try to Change Any thing, without Expert Guidance

    (I am not an Expert!) For me, No major issues stand out...

    The next steps will be guided by one of the more knowledgeable people who so generously donate their time and expertise here. Be patient.
  3. korndog

    korndog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    BookWyrm - thanks. Appreciate your checking. I'm waiting on Expert Guidance.

    I have since stripped Avira and loaded Avast. It is now finding a trojan Win32: Delf-Mau that keeps reloading into the same file CAGJAKF.MIQ with Avast catching it and removing it. I'm guessing that something is restoring it or downloading it again and again.

    I upgraded Firefox to the latest version. No difference. Still not able to update certain virus checkers and get redirects off Google search results.
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