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Jun 27, 2004
  1. elach

    elach TS Rookie


    I have the EXACT SAME problem that you describe, complete with the same Windows error message. It is clearly a problem with FireFox's interactions with Windows. I keep waiting for Mozilla to post a patch that fixes it, but nothing so far.

    BrownPaper and ptitterington, don't let these guys convince you that your problem is not real, or it's something that's your fault. It is a reproducible error with FireFox and the FireFox people need to address it. Half the people at my work who use FireFox have the same problem.
  2. peanut88

    peanut88 TS Rookie

    Hi !

    Hi guys,

    Is the above problem due to the latest upgrade of FF 2.004 ?

    I have made some changes to my current FF - <about:config> preferences.

    Will the upgrade version overwrite all my changes in <auto:config> to the default values ?

    Thanks !

  3. mikeymike2059

    mikeymike2059 TS Rookie

    always blank page with firefox

    every time I try to surf the web with firefox it shows a blank page, after i try a serch it says done at the bottom and still a blank page, i downloaded 2.0 of firefox and i still have the same problem, my load image box is checked. Fire fox was my default browser and it was amazing until this problem started now i use ie(which works fine) . I have looked on several sites and tried different things like ff safe mode and deleting my profile, nothing seems to work. does anyone have any ideas that i havent tried to help fix this problem?
  4. wbpasanen

    wbpasanen TS Rookie

    I installed Firefox and didn't like it so I uninstalled it and went back to IE.

    Now when I try to use email links I get the following warning (paraphrased)

    Operation cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.
    Contact your system administrator for assistance.

    It's my home computer, I am the administrator and don't have a clue what to do.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Smiley999

    Smiley999 TS Rookie

    Help needed...

    hi Mikey,

    I have the same problem with Firefox 2.004. Tried to download a file using Megaupload which i installed. After doing that, Firefox browser couldn't load.

    So i uninstalled megaupload. Still didn't work. So i uninstalled firefox and installed it again. Same problem.

    Well actually it loads but a blank white screen comes up with no menus or tabs or buttons whatsoever.

    Anyone care to help me out....

    Greatly appreciated.

    Otherwise, can someone point me out to the place where the bookmarks are saved.
  6. Yakob

    Yakob TS Rookie Posts: 55

    try uninstalling FF and re-installing, if you can access the web through IE then try and inport settings from IE.
  7. melnz26

    melnz26 TS Rookie

    Regarding Firefox

    Everytime i open Firefox i get this message

    User Account Control A Program needs your permission to contine. Can someone please help me to fix this problem as its very annoying when you open Firefox. My email address is

    From melnz
  8. Average PC User

    Average PC User TS Rookie

    I can't set the spellchecker to work. I've ticked the correct box, but nothing's happening. Any ideas that can help?

  9. theantidolphin

    theantidolphin TS Rookie

    Problems logging into email account using Firefox

    I have 2 email accounts. Both with 1 ISP. I can log into 1 account using Firefox and IE. The other account, I can log into using IE but not Firefox. I get an error that follows: Firefox can't find the file at /wmui/webmail.html?vn=1187276841.

    Can anyone help me?
  10. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Theantidolphin: 99.9% of the time, the error you get is because the webserver that hosts your webmail is misconfigured or passing the relative URL incorrectly. If you want to fix it "by hand," in the address bar put the before the /wmui part (no spaces between them). I really wouldn't say that's an FF problem, however.
  11. corey19981

    corey19981 TS Rookie

    I am having the EXACT same problem!

    recently I downloaded a file but it seemed to be some sort of virus. no immediate effects showed so I assumed it just didn't work, however it has messed up firefox.

    I have tried

    reinstalling (including deleting all profiles and registry entries)

    system restoring didn't work because it is too far back.

    I've done spyware scans and virus scans

    I've done a scan with a few reg clearners

    I've checked my Hosts file and that is correct

    internet explorer and all other programs that access the internet work as usual.

    When trying to access a page, for example clicking 'home', my firewall shows NO network activity in firefox at all - ie it isn't even trying to access the internet.

    It opens html files on my local machine, however it just doesn't open internet pages.

    It says 'done' but the page is just blank, no error message, no nothing.

    PLEASE help and please if anyone has the answer to this please tell me!
  12. corey19981

    corey19981 TS Rookie

    ok I fixed it!!!

    Here is what I did

    I left the original firefox installed etc,

    I went to the firefox website and downloaded the setup file

    I ran the setup file

    on custom installation, I changed the directory of installation from

    c/programfiles/firefox (example)



    (alt means alternative).

    then, lo and behold it worked! I'm not gonna bother deleting the original copy of firefox, I'll just leave both installed.

    so yeah that worked for me.
  13. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Yeah Corey! Thanks for posting back with your fix!
  14. Willi

    Willi TS Rookie

    I also have problems with Firefox. I am getting a 1 1/2 inch light yellow bar on the bottom of my page. Firefox never finishes loading and I don't get my favourites unless I do a manage the favourite list. I can only go to one website from here. Once I shut Firefox down I can't get back in until I restart my computer. What has happened?
  15. Willi

    Willi TS Rookie

    Have fixed the problem with ColonelAmes advise from 12-20-2006 05:29AM #46. Needed to uninstal firefox and delete firefox from registry.
  16. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    For those of you having problems with your Firefox install, I recommend uninstall then reinstall of the most current version. I've been using Firefox for over three years and had only one problem which I fixed by uninstall/reinstall.

    It's a great browser, safer than IE, very customizable and I promise if you get use to tabbed browsing, you will never want a browser without!

    I will be glad to recommend the few extensions I have.
  17. PcAdDiCt44

    PcAdDiCt44 TS Rookie

    (139) Connection Refused Error

    Ok folks, so I was getting pretty much the same error as others here. I didn't see the (139) error mentioned so I thought I'd toss it in...

    Interestingly enough:
    IE7 7.0.6000.x: OK As-Is
    FF v2.0.0.5: (139) Error (but okay after importing IE7 settings)
    Avant 11.5/21 OK As-Is
    Flock: (139) Error (but okay once IE7 settings imported to FF)
    Wyzo (139) Error (but okay after importing IE7 settings)

    So...after numerous uninstall/reinstalls to FF, I finally threw in the towel and imported the IE settings. Viola! Now all is peaceable in my kingdom.
  18. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Okay, after three years, this thread is getting murky! I went back to the beginning and noticed the following:

    1. Firefox is being blamed for server problems.
    2. Firefox is being blamed for site problems.
    3. Firefox is being blamed for programming problems.
    4. You' all behind in the most recent version of Firefox which is v2.0.0.11.

    The updates were for both security and build.

    Regarding the 139 Error> Connection Refused:
    That TCP connection refused error may be a useful method to discover and describe network structures. You can find a detailed and technical report on this here:

    Based on some of the explanations there, my guess is that those of you who are having this problem either don't have Firefox configured correctly or have some type of conflict within your system causing the problem. It might be a firewall. It might be some security program that is misconfigured.

    Basically, all of you using the Firefox browser need to update. Those of you who have a network need to check all the settings and input. Obviously I can't point to specific conflicts in your systems.
  19. fenderguy2112

    fenderguy2112 TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Other than adjusting your settings, it might help to make sure that your version of Firefox is up to date.

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