Firefox won't open

By gilloz
May 6, 2008
  1. Since yesterday, all of a sudden Firefox take too long to open or it won't open at all. I can open any other website I want, but when I click on the Firefox icon, it just sits there with the busy icon spinning. It works normal in Windows XP, but not in Ubuntu 7.10. I have not loaded any new programs for a while other than the normal updates(less 8.04). I have IPv6 disabled in about:config. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    This is the text I get after a few minutes:{kEI:"pAQhSKy6HY6SoASX5OiBCg",kEXPI: "17259,17735",kHL:"en"}; function sf(){document.f.q.focus();} window.gbar={};(function(){var c=window.gbar,e,g,h;c.qs=function(a){var d=window.encodeURIComponent&&(document.forms[0].q||"").value;if(d)a.href=a.href.replace(/([?&])q=[^&]*|$/,function(f,b){return(b||"&")+"q="+encodeURICompon ent(d)})};function l(a,d,f){a.display=h?"none":"block";a.left=d+"px";"px"}{var d=0,f=0,b,m=0,n,j=window.navExtra,k,i=document;g=g ||i.getElementById("gbar").getElementsByTagName("s pan");(a||window.event).cancelBubble=!m;if(!e){e=i .createElement(Array.every||window.createPopup?"if rame":"DIV");e.frameBorder="0";e.scrolling="no";e. src="#";g[7].parentNode.appen

    Can anyone explain this to me?
  2. gilloz

    gilloz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 88

    Never mind. All of a sudden this morning it works just fine. I've noticed in other forums that other people were complaining of the same problem. Thanks anyway to the lookie loos.
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