Firewall maladies

By macx
Jan 21, 2009
  1. Some time ago after updating to the latest Firefox, my Zonealarm Security Suite just got unbearably slow and it would frequently just lock up and leve me stranded. So decided to try something else. Of course had the common problem of getting rid of the ZA suite, finally accomplished with help from kind folks on this forum.

    So decided to try Comodo - it works, but a plethora of pop up windows advising me of things I don't have a clue about and which eventually led me
    down a wrong path or two that it took some more time and frustrative effort from which to recover. So, being the ZA firewall (alone) had worked well before, went to it. Back to slow slow slow. And now sometimes can't open a New Yahoo email.

    Surely there must a layman-user friendly firewall that actually works in "real time"?

    Not long ago I read one gentleman on this site recommending Windows Firewall as being both user friendly and effective - what's the consensus?


    Oh, how about McAfee? I've had one IT engineer recommend the home version to me, and it's on our system at work. It seems not to delay downloads at all, and I have never heard of anything getting thru it. Any good for home PC? I sure wouldn't mind paying a reasonable fee for something that doesn't have one problem or another.

    EDIT: Got rid of ZA, and it actually uninstalled itself without problems (!)
    but maybe bcuz I didn't have the whole suite to get rid of.

    Found one possible reason for the problems, tho - I thought I had Windows Firewall turned off, but it wasn't. I was going to turn it on so I did have a Firewall, and found it was already on. Maybe was "gumming up the works" with the ZA firewall on also?

    Anyway, I'm on a company network so am sure there's a robust firewall in place already anyway, so will let Windows Firewall run awhile and see how it goes. Sure is nice to have things open when you ask!
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,173   +989

    After problems with Comodo (which I liked) I moved to Sunbelt

    Disable the HIPS feature; it's nice & works, but a tad excessive.

    If you were comfortable with Comodo and creating your own rules, you'll find Sunbelt very familiar.

    Very light and responsive too :)
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