First Crysis 2 screenshots revealed

By Julio Franco · 70 replies
Mar 4, 2010
  1. Not a whole lot to read, but at least something nice to see. Crytek released today the first two official screenshots of upcoming first person shooter Crysis 2. The title is slated for release later this year and unlike its predecessor it will no longer be a PC exclusive, with plans to make a simultaneous launch for the PC, Xbox and PS3 platforms. Crysis 2 will use Crytek’s proprietary graphics engine that is expected to be further showcased during next week's Game Developers Conference.

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  2. Chazz

    Chazz TS Evangelist Posts: 679   +75

    I think they must've learned their lesson. I doubt a 360 can put out that much horsepower and the PS3 hasn't been fully tapped yet so I'm not sure what it can do. I think console support alone pretty much suggests it'll be a normal game and not just a PC benchmark.
  3. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,718   +860

    Sweet! I enjoyed the hell out of the first two Crysis games and fortunately had a decent enough rig to see the visuals at a very high level. Really amazing stuff....
  4. Serag

    Serag TS Booster Posts: 181

    I hope it won't be as much as a hardware monster as the first Crysis and it's expansion..
  5. azhurvadal

    azhurvadal TS Rookie

    Crysis and Crysis Warhead still looks superb today compared to recent games. this new screenshot looks even more amazing. Crysis 2 on consoles may have a reduced graphics a bit, but on PC it will still push your hardware to the limit
  6. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    @ Tom, are you able to play Warhead on enthusiast with your GTX285?
  7. Technochicken

    Technochicken TechSpot Paladin Posts: 729

    That looks amazing! And it is yet another reason to upgrade my GPU, which is somewhat lacking in the performance category.
  8. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    Looking good, might be just the excuse I need to upgrade my PC.
  9. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I think you can probably build your own Techno.;)
  10. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Wow this is incredible. I hope they fixed some of the performance issues from cryengine 2,ram leaks,unoptimized,bad CF/SLI support. I hope when I get my HD 5870 it will run this beast.
  11. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,718   +860

    red1776 - to be honest, I can't remember the exact settings I used. Now Warhead had a different ceiling than Crysis. It was a lot less power-hungry. I usually start my games at max settings and work down if I have issues, and I don't think I made many if any adjustments with Warhead.
  12. CodePhoeniX

    CodePhoeniX TS Rookie Posts: 36

    I don't think those are in game screens.
    Anyway a urban environment is a great idea.
  13. Afroaggie

    Afroaggie TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I am really looking forward to this sequel I was a big fan of not only the graphical benchmark that the original gave but the actual game-play was quite enjoyable as well. I will definitely be getting the PC version so that I can see the stunning graphics that will be available on it, but I will definitely have to upgrade my GPU by then.
  14. Executor

    Executor TS Rookie

    Safe bet those ARE screenshots from in-game, since it looks very similar to the in-game graphics of Crysis & Warhead. Doubt it'll look anything like that on consoles though, LOL.
  15. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    Those are awesome :) . I'll have to do a complete upgrade this year for so many good I'm lagging behind :'( .
  16. supyo

    supyo TS Enthusiast Posts: 50

    Crysis is an awesome game! can't wait!
  17. ryan29121

    ryan29121 TS Booster Posts: 174

    I think one of the main reasons why Crysis is made, is to boost video card sales. In order to run this game with decent frames, is to have $800 worth of video cards in your rig. That is just way too much money for a video game.
  18. flukeh

    flukeh TS Rookie Posts: 57

    Why would Crytek do that? As far as i know they don't profit from GPU sales.
  19. buttus

    buttus TS Enthusiast Posts: 180

    Jeez. How long did Crysis first take to develop and here we are well into production of the sequel? I'm kinda shocked at how many games Crytek has been able to produce lately. Crysis, Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, and now Crysis 2? How are they able to churn these out so quick when the first Crysis took 6 years to make?
  20. flukeh

    flukeh TS Rookie Posts: 57

    Crytek have near 300 employees working on multiple continents. They are a big operation and once the engine is fully made and functional, churning out games on it doesn't take overly long. Churning out good games does though.
  21. Recycle

    Recycle TS Rookie Posts: 53

    Kojima claimed MGS4 was running the PS3 at its max, and he was disappointed by the graphics.
    I'm sure they'll revamp the engine again for MGS Rising.

    With some more optimizing, I think the PS3 can match this Crysis 2 screenshot.
  22. Renegeek

    Renegeek TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    I have the Crysis 1 Demo, it was a great game...(one of the best games, i have ever played) i cant wait to see the new one... i'm going to get it soon it comes out.
  23. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Posts: 221

    Crysis and Crysis Warhead were the best PC games I have ever played. I had to play them on medium settings though thanks to my 9500GT. Crysis 2 may just make me upgrade so I can enjoy it to its full potential.

    The screenshots look sick!
  24. pipopaz

    pipopaz TS Rookie Posts: 70

    Wondering how will the difference in graphics will be between PC and consoles. Cheaper to buy it on a console than upgrading my pc?
  25. yorro

    yorro TS Booster Posts: 251

    Urban Warfare, oh my. If those screenshots are the actual gameplay then I am sold already.

    I've seen the new engine of Crytek in PS3, it lags a bit. Now is the real war between PC and Consoles, lets see how the consoles fair this time.
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