Fix "iPhone Disabled" Error


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Allowing your toddler to play with your device can allow him/her to easily stumble to getting it locked forever!. OUCH. If it has more than just social networking content, say business contacts and emails, this gets very serious quickly.

The story loudly shouts for means to replicate precious(as defined by you) information for access elsewhere with alternative tools. {don't shout me down for this proposal as I am not associated with the following recommendation -- just a satisfied customer} I've used CopyTrans very successfully. See also iCloud contacts backup. Saving your Emails is shown HERE.

Recovering the device has some solutions; in order of preference:
  1. try restore via iTunes backup (you should have one, right?)
  2. try Recovery Mode
  3. try DFU Mode
  4. use iCloud to Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe (gulp; loose it all and start over). You can then use the iCloud backup for a restore.
Once operational again, set a new passcode and enable Touch ID or Face ID

for details on the above see


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CAUTION: using imyfone lockwiper is not recommended!

If you delete your Apple ID, then you will loose EVERYTHING in your cloud storage backup and then of necessity need to create another one.