Fix this burned element on a monitor's board?


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Helow fellas, I know some of you have years of experience working with all types of computer equipment? Does anyone have an idea how to fix this one burned element in a monitor?
I felt a smell of burned electronics. That was the last time my monitor produced a picture. It turns on but the screen is dark.
I am planning to simply short this element with a graphene pencil if I don't hear a from you because there is nothing else I know to do here. Also I checked ebay and I seem to found a lot of exact monitor panels selling alone. I wonder if they produced a lot of these monitors with exactly the same motherboard and they all failed...I never found anything resembling a motherboard for this monitor or a universal board to shove inside my broken monitor.
This monitor cost me 300 dollars and only worked for 2 years. I would love to have a chance to fix it.