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Flashdisk Recovery Issue

By flippingjax
Oct 22, 2008
  1. ok so ive been reading some threads and nothing really has helped me out because this is a very specific issue so i figured i should start one of my own.

    ok first i have a Cruzer 8GB micro flashdisk and up until yesterday it has worked fine. about a week ago i saved a few files to it like i have done many times before and it seemed that everything worked fine. then 2 days ago i saved another file to it (the first batched that i saved were still there) and that too seemed to work out fine. then yesterday i went to open the more recently saved file and it was nowhere to be found. similarly the files that i saved a week prior were missing as well. as far as i could tell, all of the other files on the flashdisk are still intact and operational just these 3 files or so are missing.

    now this is where it gets a little tricky. i use a Mac but the files that i needed to save to my computer were on a PC. so i stuck my flashdisk in the PC and saved them. i have done this many times and i dont think this is an issue. however on the PC (Vista) i ran the included recovery program to look for damaged sectors of my flashdisk. on completion it said it found 5 files that were messed up (im assuming the files i need were in this batch) and they were placed into a folder named "Found" on my flashdisk. well i was happy about this but when i looked in my flashdisk, there was no folder named "found". i searched my flashdisk as well as the computer for the folder and nothing came up. i ran the retrieval software again and it said the flashdisk was fine and there were no damaged files. so that was that. THEN a little while later i placed my flashdisk in my Mac and low and behold, there is a folder named "Found.000" and it has 5 files in it. these files have the extension .CHK so im assuming i need to convert them or something to that nature. however i cannot find a program that will open these .CHK files that is compatible with Mac. i cant install any software onto the PC because it is my schools.

    anyway any help would be very appreciated as having these files will save me about 3 hours of time because i wont have to do them again. Thank you and i apologize for the long post.
  2. wii-ste

    wii-ste TS Rookie Posts: 163

    On a Windows PC you can use a utility such as CHK-Mate to try to recover data from the files. No guarantees this will work though.
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