Flat CRT vs Flat LCD

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Apr 27, 2004
  1. Ok guys, what are your opinions on Flat CRTs and Flat LCDs?

    I used to use a normal CRT screen. It was OK. Now I've been using an LCD screen, it's alright, and I really enjoy the fact that it is flat.

    I've head that Flat CRTs are better for gaming and graphix and stuff. But I've also read on a few good brand names that text was blurry, and that it flickers a bit. Some of these names were ViewSonic and Samsung! :eek:

    I've been thinking to go to Flat CRT, mainly because I have the room on my desk. Probably a 19" screen, FYI.

    So cons/pros of Flat CRTs and Flat LCDs? Let the war begin! :D
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Regardless of budget, if you use your screen mainly for gaming, a flat CRT is reacting much faster than an LCD. Also you have more flexibility with screen-resolutions on a CRT.
    Top-brands to look into:
    SONY. I use the 19" (18" vis.) Multiscan 420GS with flat Trinitron tube. The 520GS is the next size up.

    EIZO/Nanao also make excellent 19" and 21" screens.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Samsung and Veiwsonic both have released LCD's with game speed response times you can check specs at their sites.Therefore with increased speed ,no flicker (eye stain) ,low radiation, I say LCD's have come of age. As long as $ is not a determining factor.
  4. Nodsu

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    No flicker and low radiation are definently the selling points of LCDs :D Just like my car doesn't eat much hay :p
  5. XtR-X

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    Hey dude, can you give me some links to some of their LCD screen models?

  6. SNGX1275

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