Following the UK, the US is now on the verge of losing its measles-elimination status


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Call me a vaccinated antivaxxer, but assuming vaccine companies being very rich, wouldnt they try to decrease the awareness of the heavy metals or else harmful elements in their vaccines ? They would also be willing to suppress the voices of those that could decrease sale numbers of their products.

And yea, maybe they got rid of a lot of dangerous things, but those with slow effect that is hard to track
would be something they wouldnt even need to work hard to hide. You see, people are greedy, and given a chance to escape punishments they will harm their human beings by selling them something that could be harmful like vaccines. And when I talk about human nature, this is a fact. A simple sad fact.

Measles, I d vaccinate against that. Same for other severe diseases. I d only use latest merc free and metal free vaccines though if available.


The mercury in a vaccine is almost the same quantity as the mercury in half a can of tuna.

A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 mL dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose. For comparison, this is roughly the same amount of elemental mercury contained in a 3 ounce can of tuna fish.


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Go get you vaccination if that makes you happy. Why are you all so obsessed with forcing others to get mandatory vaccination? Oh right, because they tell you it doesn't work unless you all get vaccinated. Just like a PC needing anti virus database updates and security updates for the OS and updates for every single piece of software and even then your PC isn't safe. Thing is, updates don't poison your PC.

That alone proves that vaccination does not work. Once you got your shot you are not safe. Instead you are poisoned and you got the feeling that the likelihood has been lowered. Too bad that biological things mutate.

Is there a peer reviewed study confirming that vaccines actually do poison? Because let's be honest, yes, there's a risk on taking a shot. But we're not talking russian roulette chances.

And while we're talking analogies. Imagine putting your unvaccinated kid in a car with other kids. Everyone but your kid is using the safety belt (vaccinated) but in this case you refuse to put the belt on your kid because someone's kid out there, while in a car crash, and using a safety belt, broke his collar bone, got some cervical damage, maybe broke a wrist or an arm, etc. And you'd rather take your chances saying that your kid would better be off without it because the kid's complete body is far more resilient that just the 3 points of pressure of a safety belt.

In a car accident not only your kid would be in far more danger that the others, but because he doesn't have the belt, his body goes around bouncing on everyone else's bodies and causing directly the death of those kids who were using their belts.

That's how herd immunity works

So, long story short, just because you don't believe vaccines work you don't have to be the jerk that puts others in risk by shifting the responsibility on others.


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