Format and factory install a Gateway laptop

By elzorro2003
Jan 4, 2012
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  1. I got infected with the "system check virus" which is making my files hidden. So I can't go to the Gatweway Recovery Center to do it automatically. I'm on Windows Vista.

    I tried doing all the "F" pressing that takes me to the "Repair" screen but that doesn't work either. It ends up taking me to a screen that asks for a user name and password and I can't get past that.

    Seems the solution is to format the drive.

    My Recovery Partition is on the D drive for Gateway. I am able to access a Command Prompt.

    Can someone help me and let me know if it's possible to just format the C drive and then somehow reinstall windows vista from that recovery partition?

    Any help is appreciated thanks!
  2. cheeryabc

    cheeryabc TS Member Posts: 26

    I am wondering you are already entering into WinPE Reconvery Mode.
    If you can access to Command Prompt.
    Try to this command to format you c driver:
    format c:/q
  3. elzorro2003

    elzorro2003 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Once that formats, how would I reinstall my windows vista from the partition drive. I don't want to format the drive and then not be able to reinstall vista?
  4. cheeryabc

    cheeryabc TS Member Posts: 26

    The recovery partion of laptop usually being a hiden partion with recovery file and I am sure this hiden partion is non-system driver.
    Your laptop do really have a factory restore?
    Could you please have a check of your disk management?
    You can work with this command: "compmgmt.msc".

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