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Hi. I am trying to help my son out with his gaming PC. He has a 144Hz monitor and is trying to get that really high framerate. In the game he showed me as an example. He can go into the games training and get that 144 fps. However as soon as he loads up into the multiplayer game his frames drop to 40-50 fps. He is running his graphic settings on low to try and get the frames but it makes no difference. He can run the settings on High or on Low and he will still get the same frames.

MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.
Ryzen Threadripper 16-core
16GB DDR4 3333MHz Ram
RTX 2080TI graphics card.

We've tried updating the BIOS, reinstalling Windows, updating Windows, updating graphics card drivers, hard resets. It seems no matter what we do he just can't get high fps outside of the training modes. So we know the hardware and software work if he is able to get 144 fps in training. So what in the games is causing his fps to go so low? Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point I am stumped and not sure what else to try.


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You might want to add which game this is that he is playing.

In my opinion you have hardware that is quite capable of that high refresh rate on any game, but something is overriding your desired settings. You should download the latest video driver from Nvidia for that card. You should use DDU to remove all traces of the graphics driver from within Safe Mode (Reboot holding the shift key down to find that Safe Mode option in the menu).

Disconnect from the Internet once DDU runs so that Windows doesn't try to get a driver for the card when your do a normal reboot. Install the Nvidia driver you downloaded. Use the NVidia control panel to reset the graphics card to default settings (however DDU should have offered to remove all presets from the Nvidia Control Panel).

Finally ..I use and recommend the GeForce Experience. It will scan your games and set the correct presets for your monitor and graphics card.

If you don't want to do all that you could try another game to see what it does....are all the games the same? Usually it's something like V Sync is turned on ....if that is the case..turn that off
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Thanks ya I forget what game he said it was. But if you go into training mode it runs at 144fps. But if you go into a multiplayer game it bogs down to 40-50fps. I can't figure out why. We are going to try quad channel RAM and I am wanting to move him to a Ryzen 9 CPU and motherboard. He has said that no game he plays can get good FPS. My best guess is that threadripper is just not meant for gaming. Plus it's running at 3.5GHz where the newer ones run a 4.5. I still can't figure out why going into multiplayer would do so much to hurt the framerate over a training mode. I don't do online games myself so I can't compare it to anything. Plus I run my stuff on a TV. So in all my years I never had to deal with wanting 144fps.
In my opinion it looks like typical throotling....Check your CPU and GPU.....Stress test

If that is multiplayer then network problem might be the reason too - tried to connect to 5ghz band on router?

If that is multiplayer game then mostly is powered by CPU - check threads

Checked ping?

What Windows you have?
- WIndows 11 requires patch from amd - chipset driver

Windows 10 - there might be problem to use so many threads - there are some apps in internet to block threads and couple to activate only real cores for gaming.
Dont know about Windows 11 yet - didnt try but works all fine