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May 4, 2011
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  1. I need to create a business card that can be submitted via email and the easiest way for me to do this is to do it as a PDF. The problem is my laptop doesn't have a PDF creator. I have tried to download several online, but even though they say they're free you can only download them if you download the toolbar to go with it. I thought about downloading it anyway and then uninstalling the toolbar, but I really just do not like programs that foist adware on you. Does anyone know of a pdf creator that is actually a free download?

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    The freeware LibreOffice suite, formerly known as OpenOffice (which still exists), has Writer which is similar in function to MS Word. Writer comes with the ability to generate a pdf file. So you can either compose the business card in Writer and convert it to a pdf file or you can open an already completed Word file into Writer and create a pdf file from that.
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    Exporting work as .pdf

    I created some graphics for a 1/32 model car that had to be sent as a .pdf.
    I used the free program 'Scribus', which is a DTP program, and has an 'Export to pdf' option.

    Also I have seen this, but not tried it yet;
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    A little late to the conversation, but I can recommend the open source graphics program Inkscape, if you need to do some graphics and text documents... Reminds me quite a bit of old school CorelDraw. It even imports PDF files for editing (although it sometimes has some odd formatting compared to the original).

    And, I use PrimoPDF as a printer every day... Creates great PDF files from any of my programs.

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