FreeAgent 1TB External Hard stopped working (unknown, not initialized)

By Sedhadi
Feb 15, 2015
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  1. Hey,

    Yesterday, I was working with my PC while my 1TB Seagate external hard ( was plugged in via USB. The USB connection was a little bit loose.

    Then when I was plugging a USB flash memory in, I noticed that the external hard was disconnected.
    I connected it again, but it didn't appear in My Computer.
    Here is the state in Disk Management and Device Manager:

    After that, I plugged out the "SATA to USB converter" from the hard and connected it directly to SATA cable inside the PC case (like internal HDD), but this time nothing showed up in Disk Management, Device Manager and BIOS. However, it took a long time for the system to boot.

    I searched and read lots of threads and tested some other stuff:

    (It didn't appear in Minitool Partion Wizad).

    I've got a lot of data on this HDD which really matters to me. :( :'(
    Any help is really appreciated.
  2. Techpumpkin_WD

    Techpumpkin_WD TS Member

    Hi there Sedhadi,

    If your HDD is failing the manufacturer's tests it is probably dead. IF you need to get your data back look for a reputable data recovery company in the area.
    Hope that helps.

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